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Motherfuckers Be Bullshittin’: OUT NOW!

My new album, Motherfuckers Be Bullshittin’, has just been officially released!


In case you’re unfamiliar with it, it’s a concept album: a ten-song story sung by Marc With a C. Here’s the plot summary:

Meet Brian, a chauvinistic twentysomething fry cook/frustrated musician living in a small Wisconsin town. When he loses his effervescent yet obsessive law-student girlfriend, Jenny Oliver, to his wanton arrogance, he dives headlong into numerous obsessions, despite her insistent pleas and her advice on how to become slightly more prepossessing. These fascinations include constant flossing, attacking people through anonymous message boards and long-winded missives to his lost love. At Brian’s lowest moment, he is visited by a vision of The Great Squiddy, which leads him to the solution he’s been searching for. That solution? How to fix his rather messy and unnecessarily dramatic local music scene so that it can begin a cult to worship The Great One and sing the praises of Squiddy… together.”

-If you want it on vinyl, you can get it at Bandcamp right now for only $13.99. Comes with a CD and an instant download of the songs.
-If you want it on CD, you can also get it at Bandcamp for $6.99. Comes with the instant download, too.
-If you want to download the songs individually, you can do that at iTunes or Bandcamp. (hint: it’s cheaper at Bandcamp)
-If you want to download the album and not spend any money, you can get it all on one long mp3 on the record store page of this very site!

Thank you. I hope that you like it. I haven’t been this proud in a very, very long time.

All praise to The Great Squiddy.

Marc With a C on the Freaking Geek Show! (And other press!)

In the middle of the night on 5/31/11, WPRK’s Freaking Geek Show had Marc With a C and HDNinja on their show to talk about Motherfuckers Be Bullshittin’, testicular deodorant, Ambien, and the special edition of Return Of The Jedi. It’s archived for you right here, so click right here to listen to/download the hour-long broadcast forever and ever.

Other Marc With a C stuff that happened in the last week or so:
- I did a long interview about my new record for Examiner. Here’s part one and part two!
- Orlando Music News did a short blurb about the new album, too
- UBRot also had a little somethin’ to say about Motherfuckers Be Bullshittin’
- The new episode of Nerdy Show contains a track from my new album, you know.
- The new Hipster, Please! podcast has one, too!
- Wired Magazine’s GeekDad contingent talks about and plays one of my Jonathan Richman covers!
- Finally, I’m on a Weird Al Yankovic tribute album called Twenty-Six And A Half, and it just went up for pre-order.

Speaking of pre-orders… Motherfuckers Be Bullshittin’ might ship a little earlier than expected on vinyl and CD. And if you buy the pre-order ahead of time, you’ll get an immediate download of the album on any format you choose. Thanks to you, the album made it all the way to #4 on the bandcamp charts. And that kinda blew my mind, truth be told.

That’s it for now. Everybody Wang Chung tonight!

Marc With a C’s new album, Motherfuckers Be Bullshittin’, now up for pre-order!


Motherfuckers Be Bullshittin’ is a ten-song story told by Marc With a C.

Motherfuckers Be Bullshittin’ will be released on vinyl, CD and digital download on June 21st, 2011. If you pre-order the vinyl/CD together right now, you’ll get an immediate digital download on any format you want. Do it here!!!

Marc With a C is on the new episode of Nerdy Show!

On the new episode of Nerdy Show, I discuss the plot synopsis of my new album, Motherfuckers Be Bullshittin’, for the first time. (Yes, plot synopsis). And I read some really awful fan fic. And you get to hear a few tracks from the album here, too. Plus, the crew from Overclocked After Dark are on this crossover episode!

Drop everything and rock the fuck out, eh? No, really. Click here and listen!

Marc With a C’s new album is Motherfuckers Be Bullshittin’

Marc With a C’s new album is Motherfuckers Be Bullshittin’. This is the title track. It will be released in late June 2011 on SelectAVinyl, CD and digital download.

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