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New Orlando shows added!

There are a few new shows in Orlando posted on the shows page. Expect at least one or two more by years end.

If you’re nasty.

NOW AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD: Official Bootleg Series #16: 9/23/11 (Pissing In The Wind At Natura)

Here’s a new official bootleg for you all to feast your, urm, ears… upon.

It was recorded in front of a small crowd in Orlando. The night was so rainy that I’m amazed anyone showed up at all. Plus, there was a ton of other stuff going on that evening, but despite the wrath-of-god weather going on just outside of the venue, we had a really good time.
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Marc With a C’s brand new Recorded Sound EP will be released online for free on 11/29/11 as this year’s holiday gift to you.

New music for you, new awards for me, tons of press and a show tonight!

Hi everyone! I’m super excited to bring you all of this news. I’ve been slacking a little bit on the updates, but it’s because I’ve been busy doing promotion for my new album, Motherfuckers Be Bullshitin’, which is of course available on vinyl, CD and digital download at In the meantime, here’s some other stuff I can tell you about. Including a show that is happening TONIGHT (Tuesday, August 16th, 2011) in Orlando!

NEW AWARDS – Folks, I have to thank you wholeheartedly for voting for me in the yearly Orlando Weekly “Best Of Orlando” poll. For the second year in a row, you gentle souls have seen fit to vote that I, Marc With a C, am Orlando’s “Best Indie Act”. No, really, I’m still super blown away by it, I’m humbled, I’m flattered, and I love you guys dearly. Check out this link that proves I’m not totally out of my mind:

NEW-ISH SONGS – Later this year, I’ll be releasing my first ever outtakes/rarities album. It’ll contain songs recorded for various projects that I liked very much, but either a label dropped out, they didn’t fit in on the releases they were intended for, or they just didn’t fit anywhere else. I’ve been letting a few of the songs stream a few places. Here’s how you can hear some of them

“Show Me How To Shine Shoes” ( Rappy McRapperson and MC Wreckshin wrote what might be the catchiest song of 2010 with “Show Me How To Blow Dudes”. Unfortunately, you can’t play it on the radio, and you can’t sing it around the water cooler. To remedy this problem, Marc With a C humbly presents this to you…

“No London In Da Club” ( Around 2003-ish or so, my pal Chris Zabriskie was dabbling in a side project called DJ Hand Me That Allen Wrench. One day, he surprised me by making a “club mix” of the *demo* version of my song “No London In Brazil”. I’m still just as surprised as you are by it right now.

“Making Bacon On The Beach” ( In 2005, I made a big deal out of quitting my brand of acoustic-based sarcastic indie pop. My plan was to reinvent myself as the first lo-fi glam/hair metal artist to ever come out of Florida. It was clearly a joke, and one that I may have taken too far, as I didn’t even let on to some of my friends that I was kidding. My new stage name was to be Marc With a Perm. This song was to be my first single. It’s called “Makin’ Bacon On The Beach”. This is the first time (to my knowledge) that I have ever posted it anywhere without a heaping amount of bullshit stories surrounding it. (Really. I even had my closest friends going on this, and surprisingly, most of them still talk to me.)

NEW REISSUESShare The Covers, Bitch!: Back in 2006, I released my first ever collection of covers by “various artists”. It was called Share The Covers, Bitch!, and it consisted of things that I mostly recorded for fun without ever really intending to release. For various reasons, the existing online versions were mastered from very lossy sources, and were somehow missing a song from the tracklist. For the first time ever, it’s now available from the master source, and you can download it for absolutely any price you’d like (which also means free, if you want) at!

NEW OFFICIAL BOOTLEG – That’s right! Time for Official Bootleg #15. This one was recorded on 12.11.10 at Stardust in Orlando, FL. It’s the first set of the 2010 Marc With a C Holiday Show, and I play the Normal Bias album in it’s entirety. It’s totally free, too! Go get it at /marcwithac/2011/08/04/now-available-for-download-official-bootleg-series-15-2010-holiday-show-set-one-orlando-fl/

– So, you had to miss out on this years Nerdapalooza, eh? Well, the story is that on Day One of the event, I played a set, and then half of Sci-Fried joined me to play the title track from Motherfuckers Be Bullshittin‘ (which was covered by Wired, and you can see video of it here: And then, the other members of Sci-Fried joined me for a version of “Nerdy Girls” that pretty much no one saw coming (also covered by Wired Magazine, and here’s a link to their video footage: Sci-Fried went on to play their complete set, and then I joined them for a really surprising cover song. And get this… has posted a video of the ENTIRE set, if you want to watch the whole hour-long fiasco. Check it out here:

Now, there was a ton more Nerdapalooza coverage as well. For example, Nerdy Show grabbed an interview with me where I talk about our lord and savior, The Great Squiddy, and you can hear it on this episode:

And of course, there’s lots more where that came from, too. There was more coverage of the Nerdapalooza set from Wired (, as well as a veritable ton of pictures taken during my set from Geek World Order, and here’s the one particularly tasty set of pictures from them:

– Oh god, it’s almost embarrassing how much press work I’ve done in the past few months. I mean, remember, for years, I refused to talk to journalists of any kind, and now, well… want interviews? I did a very in-depth one about the new album, one that might be one of my favorites ever with Boca Mag, (, and if video interviews are your bag, you’ll want to check out this one from Count3rCu1ture that also includes live footage of me performing “Happy To Be Alive” and “Life’s So Hard”, (, I talked at length with Orlando Weekly about my new record and the nerd music scene in general, (, and I also did a short interview on the Slacker & The Man show about international incidents and such, (

But wait! Wired Magazine also did a review/interview of Motherfuckers Be Bullshittin’ that’s heavy on talking about fidelity and production techniques (, Hipster Please! called my new album “a musical masterpiece” in their review, (, and Boca Mag talked about a recent show that I played in Miami (

NEW SHOWS – Oh my, get a load of this upcoming list of gigs. More are coming, too!

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011 @ Wills Pub, Orlando, FL
1042 N Mills Ave, Orlando, FL 32803
Also appearing: Hamell On Trial, Lauris Vidal
9 PM, 18+, $8

Thursday, August 25th, 2011 @ McRaney’s Tavern, WInter Park, FL
1566 W Fairbanks Ave, Winter Park, FL 32789-4602
Also appearing:
Adam Balbo, Chris Zabriskie
8 PM, 18+, $5
(This is Chris Zabriskie’s first solo show in three years!)

Saturday, August 27th, 2011 @ Devaneys, Winter Park, FL
7660 University Blvd, Winter Park FL 32792
Also appearing:
Emergency Pizza Party, Rappy McRapperson, HD Ninja, Shinobi Onibocho
7 PM, free for 21+, under 21 = $2

Sunday, September 4th, 2011
Private event, not open to public

Friday, September 23rd @ Natura, Orlando, FL
12078 Collegiate Way, Orlando, FL 32817-2157
Also appearing:
Patrick Scott Bell
All ages, free, doors @ 8 PM, show @ 9 PM
(Be prepared for a long set, okay?)

October 15, 2011 @ Athens Popfest, Caledonia Lounge, Athens, GA
256 W. Clayton Street, Athens GA.
Also appearing: The Dead Milkmen, Throwing Muses, Tunabunny, Olivia Tremor Control, Bob Mould, Man Or Astroman and many, many more.
More info to come.

Halloween Weekend, 2011 @ Universal Citywalk, Orlando, FL
6000 Universal Boulevard, Orlando, FL, 32819
Opening for:
The Rich Weirdoes presentation of The Rocky Horror Picture Show!
This is the eighth year I’ve opened these shows. Once the exact dates and times are announced, buy your tickets immediately. THESE SHOWS WILL SELL OUT.

– In case you get bored, my one-shot video series continues with another new one from Motherfuckers Be Bullshittin‘, and this time it’s “Since I Left My Baby, I Can’t Stop Flossing”. It’s not for the squeamish, but here it is:

All right folks, I think that’s about all that I can muster right now. Hope to see you at the upcoming shows, and please, don’t forget than anytime you want to, you can stream or download any Marc With a C album for free at You rule and are good at things.

Love on ya,

NOW AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD: Official Bootleg Series #15, 2010 Holiday Show, Set One, Orlando, FL

After much deliberation, I’m proud (and just a little bit sad) to bring you the fifteenth installment of the Marc With a C “Official Bootleg Series”. It was recorded on 12.11.10 at Stardust in Orlando, FL. Chris Zabriskie played drums during the show, and we did three sets that night. The first was the entirety of the Normal Bias album, the second was the entirety of the Bubblegum Romance album, and the third was an encore set that lasted well over an hour and consisted of pretty much nothing but audience requests.
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