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The Good, The Bad, & The Really, Really Sucky. (News about my injury and… cancellations.)

Boy, has this been one up and down month or what?


Last week, I was voted “Best Indie Act Of 2010″ by the readers of the Orlando Weekly. That made me feel really good, and not more than just a tad bit shocked. If you voted for me, thank you very much. It goes to show that there are always way more people paying attention than I expect, and I’m glad that I have left enough of an impression on *anyone* to be called “the best”, let alone a whole city. You guys rule, seriously.

Also, in this last weeks issue of Orlando Weekly, my 2004 song “No London In Brazil” was voted as one of the “50 Best Orlando Songs” by none other than my pal Hex of Nerdapalooza fame. The fact that ANY of my songs was considered good enough for this honor is pretty humbling and exciting, but I’m really flattered that one of my personal favorites made the cut. I never get sick of that one, and I’m glad you folks haven’t either.


You’ve probably heard about this by now, and if you haven’t… heh, pull up a chair.

Last weekend, I made my third appearance at the yearly Nerdapalooza festival. To say that it’s one of my most eagerly anticipated shows of the year by both the audience and myself would be a massive understatement. And while I would love to be spending the next few minutes telling you all about how awesome all of the acts were this weekend, (which they were, and I was especially blown away by Devo Spice, Dr. Awkward, MC Cool Whip… not to mention the absolutely mindblowing Sunday Service set by Emergency Pizza Party), and I would really love to go on at length about how much fun I had sharing the stage with Sci-Fried during their BLISTERING Saturday night show, (which you can see clips of here, including the premiere of the song I helped out on called “Foiled Again”:, but instead… I’ve got to talk about the news of the moment.

At about 6 PM on Sunday night, I climbed onstage for my Nerdapalooza set. I had the thankless task of following the utterly explosive performance by Zealous1 & The Bossfights, and I was ready to take the task on headfirst. After a rousing introduction by Hex himself, I jumped into “Chicken Pox & Star Wars Guys” and everything was going pretty swell. Exactly halfway through the first verse of “Stairway To Rudolph”, I twisted to the right slightly, and at the exact same time the somewhat wobbly stage shifted under my feet (best as I’ve been able to put together, at least… this all happened really fast). At this point, I lost my balance and my kneecap popped out of socket. While trying to keep my feet planted on the ground to avoid the fall, I could feel a few more pops in my knee, and next thing I knew, I’m crumpled in a ball on the stage and my guitar has just bonked me on the head. I reach down and – without thinking – I pop my knee back in place by hand and ask one of the numerous people that had rushed onstage to check on me to get me a chair. As soon as I could hop onto the seat, I tried to pick up where I left off in the song, but my knee was throbbing pretty badly and I’m sure I butchered the rest of it.

I performed the rest of my set trying to balance mostly on my right leg, and I had to be pretty much carried off the stage after “Happy To Be Alive”. I did cut one song, to be fair, but I still played for about 25 of my scheduled 30 minutes. I know that a lot of people had come just to see my set, and even more folks had flown from all over the world to be there. I did my best not to let you all down, and I hope that you enjoyed the show despite the very, very obvious setback.

Within an hour of the end of my set, I had to quickly depart to go to an emergency room. My knee had swollen to the point where I could no longer pull my pants leg over it, so I knew it was pretty serious. We ended up at an ER near my house because apparently most walk-in clinics are closed on Sunday nights. They referred me to an orthopedic specialist, prescribed me a glorified bottle of Aspirin and sent me on my way. The following day, I pretty much couldn’t bend my leg at all.


By Tuesday afternoon, it was pretty clear that something was much, much more screwed up than we’d previously anticipated. After an MRI, I was told that my anterior cruciate ligament had been practically torn in half, and as was visible on the x-ray, there was a good inch and a half of fluid surrounding all parts of my knee… and my patella was at about a 45 degree angle from where it normally is.

In short? My knee is really fucked up. I’ve been ordered to stay off of it as much as possible for the next six weeks. Which means that I HAVE to cancel the August 7th show in Orlando where I was to play the “Normal Bias” and “Bubblegum Romance” albums in their entirety. Anyone that knows me can vouch that canceling anything EVER is abhorrent to every bone in my body – I’m pretty sure that I proved this on Sunday night with my Nerdapalooza performance. But in this case, I’m in no shape to perform a marathon show, and I certainly couldn’t even carry my own amplifier. In order to do the show, I’d be stricken to a chair, and it wouldn’t be any fun to watch…. hell, I’d probably be in too much pain to even sing well for any period of time, honestly. I am not going to waste anyone’s time when I know in advance that I will not be able to put on the kind of show that you have come to expect from me. And on top of that, if I *did* try to perform, I’d run the risk of screwing my knee up even worse than it is, and as much as I love playing my songs for you… I’m gonna need my left knee in the future.

So yes, to reiterate: my August 7th show at Stardust in Orlando, Florida is 100% canceled, I will reschedule it for later in the year, and maybe I’ll do it for this year’s annual holiday show, if you’d like. I will return to performing in early September. I hope this doesn’t disappoint or inconvenience anyone too badly.

Finally, I’d like to thank everyone for their super kind emails and well-wishes over the last few days. And especially Dr. Vern from Sci-Fried who made sure that I had crutches waiting for me offstage at the end of my set. So many people were amazing about coming to my aid that day, and I want you to know that I appreciate everything you all have done very, very much. I hope that I can get back to performing sooner than later, and that you’ll all be excited when I’m able to get back to doing the shows.

Love on ya,

PS: Since I had to shut down merch sales directly after my Nerdapalooza set (for obvious reasons), many of you had inquired about whether or not they could still get the RetroLowFi vinyl at the lowered pre-sale price, or if there were any left at all. The answer is: there are plenty left, and I’ll keep the price at twenty bucks for a few more weeks. Thanks for understanding.

Marc With a C voted “Best Indie Act” in Orlando!

No, seriously. The readers of the Orlando Weekly voted me the best indie act of 2010. Proof that I really must be everyone’s little secret. Thank you all so much, sincerely!

Click this link for proof.

PS: I know, I’m just as surprised as you are about it.

Happy July! Here’s a whole bunch of news!

My friends, I’m up to my eyeballs in Marc With a C happenings.

In the last few weeks, I had a bit of a dream come true when I dropped the needle on some sweet red vinyl and heard my own voice coming out of the speakers. Sure, I’ve released more music in the past than I can keep up with, (seriously, I have almost no idea what’s out there and what isn’t at this point), but absolutely nothing has compared to this. As I was so terrifyingly told on my last guest spot at Nerdy Show, there’s a good chance that one day soon we’ll see a huge flare-up of the sun that will render all of our digital wares useless. I’m not sure that I totally buy that, but it’s comforting to know that if all of technology should be destroyed, that all you’ll have to do to hear some of my songs is put the tonearm onto a wax copy of RetroLowFi: 10 Years Of Marc With a C, put your ear close to the disc and make the platter turn… and bam. There are my tunes preserved for all of eternity. Unless the sunspots melt all of our petroleum based products, in which case… well, I’m gonna have an entire room in my house dedicated to warped records. Making my point obsolete. Nevermind. Vinyl’s as final as it gets for now, and I’m glad to be preserved. Those grooves are magical, and it was like hearing some of my own songs for the first time ever. This is a limited pressing, and while it won’t sell out overnight, once they’re gone, I don’t have any plans to repress it. You can nab yourself one on the “Record Store!” page of
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The “RetroLowFi” vinyl edition is here!

Seriously, check it out:

(click on the photos to see a bigger image, please!)

These are still available for pre-order for the lowered price of $20 and will be until the “official” unveiling at this years Nerdapalooza festival. Why not grab your copy now?



Love on ya,

Results for the “RetroLowFi” contest!

A few weeks back, I had the bright idea to give away a copy of the vinyl test pressing of my RetroLowFi compilation. I figured, what the hell, I was going to be in possession of five of these things, so why not have some fun with it, right? These test presses are exactly what they sound like: the initial copies I was sent to make sure that the vinyl was pressed correctly. No artwork, no colored vinyl, just some plain black wax with white labels. But… these means that RetroLowFi was limited to five copies on black vinyl, which makes it pretty rare in the grand scheme of things.

The contest was: make something/anything visual that proved how badly you want the album. I promised to pick the one I liked best and award things accordingly. Ready?


(Please click on them to make them bigger. They’re worth seeing!)


This one comes from DeLani. There’s a lot going on here, and it’s right up my alley. Good job!


Chas made this one. He wanted the records so badly that he broke some stuff.



Bruce Worden (of Goodnight Keith Moon fame) made this picture. People make fun of my stage name all the time… and he’s the first one to make this particular joke. He wins the third place prize: a mixtape!


KSV (of Sci-Fried/Slacker & The Man) made this video for “I’m In Love With Everyone I Know”. I laughed long and hard at this one, and so did pretty much anyone that I talked to about it. Never let it be said that I can’t laugh at myself. This one wins the second place prize: a dubbed copy of the original “Amy, It’s Kevin” answering machine tape. And what the hell, he gets a mixtape too!

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