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For the guest list you take in the best case a few days’ time. For corporate events, there should be a demand in the individual departments and the individual lists of the proposals of the department heads should be compared with each other. However, priorities must be set for the budget. The easiest way is to communicate from the outset, which target group should be invited and which department may invite as many customers or company partners. At family celebrations emotions play a big role. For the wedding one would like to delete the guest list, but the couple must agree on a clear line (e.g. only the closest relatives and mutual friends) and find compromises.


It is advisable to set a clear budget from the outset and to consider the individual cost factors. Especially the little things can quickly add up to a large factor and should therefore be broken down exactly. We have researched the individual cost centers, depending on the event, some can be omitted. The right location is the first and very important factor, but also for invitation cards, room decorations – also possibly with fresh flowers, photographer and guests gifts should be in the budget. There is also the appropriate catering with food and drinks, the coordinated lighting concept, costs for event technology and possibly the accommodation costs for the well-traveled guests and colleagues. The use of the famous singapore corporate catering services are essential there.

The time has come, the company anniversary, the wedding, silver wedding, the round birthday, the Christmas or New Year’s Eve celebration is on and must be organized. Also the meeting in a small and large frame needs the right organization. Starting with save-the-date news, invitations and seating arrangements to room finding and decoration, there is a lot to consider. In addition there is the varied catering offer with all associated services and services. Whether menu, buffet or finger food is quickly decided, but what about table decorations, invitations, dishes and service?

Catering reception


The room is a big challenge, because he has to be an all-rounder. The proximity to public transport should be given in Berlin or to find a sufficient number of parking lots in the surrounding area. In addition, the rooms must fit visually to the respective event and emanate in Berlin the famous Berlin charm. It is advisable to look at the premises in advance and go through the celebration in your head. During the room inspection, care should be taken to ensure that cloakroom areas are available, adequate sanitary facilities are available and, if necessary, even a separate kitchen can be used in which the catering company prepares or heats the food on-site.

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